Political Development


Kwadjo with Mayor Marcus Rivera and Danny Glover.

Political Development

Work that Means More

The foundation of successful political campaigns is built upon developing and maintaining strong, respectful, and responsive relationships. JC & Associates creates and manages campaigns with a two-pronged approach. 

For both types of voters, the relationship can begin before the election cycle and be maintained afterwards with strong constituent services that begins with clear, consistent and impactful communication.

JCA provides a range of constituent services that develop the candidate’s credibility, rapport and support before the campaign begins and maintains it after electoral victory.

We focus on key areas: Political Outreach and Relationship Building, Messaging and Policy Development, Communications, Field Operations, and Fundraising.

Political Outreach & Relationship Building


"We have developed and continue to nurture relationships with civic, spiritual, and political leadership around the state."

These relationships extend from the grassroots to the grass tops, as we work with any group or individual striving to improve the lives of the underserved communities we work to improve.

Relationships are Key:

Communities see us year around working on issues, not just during election time. We have raised funds for community based organizations, and have provided mitigation for communities threatened by gentrification, development, and highway encroachment. They are also leading voices on the issue of economic empowerment & affordable housing.

Special Events & Creating “Hoopla”:

You have to create HOOPLA and Excitement around campaigns. Whether its producing issue based town halls and roundtables, or a Get Out The Vote Gospel Concert or Neighborhood/Precinct Block Party, our firm produces quality and impactful events that targets, and identify voters.

Messaging & Policy Development


Messaging Workshops: Internal Campaign meetings where the team delves into the candidates person story, their motivations for running, and the change they want to see.
Policy Town Halls & Roundtables: Public meetings with stakeholders including constituent, advocates, and experts to address issues.
Policy Research: Public meetings can take us but so far, our team goes further by also conducting public opinion research, social media and sentiment analysis, economic studies, political intelligence, as well as content development to translate comprehensive research into clear arguments to strengthen alliances, persuade the undecided, and counteract adverse arguments.

Examples of Messaging Campaign

  • Protecting Neighborhoods Agenda
  • Cunningham’s Agenda For Black South Carolina



Once the message is developed we go work to get the word out to voters using earned media, digital media, text services, and traditional marketing avenues such as radio, and television.


Post election, we produce monthly E- Newsletters for clients so they can keep their constituents informed.


We specialize in utilizing enhanced tools within the VOTEBUILDER system. These tools such as connecting your digital ads directly to voters in your district, as well as special texting options help maximize voter contact and client dollars.

A Political Website needs to be engaging both visually & in substance. Our expert team of website design, development, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialists will create a modern, beautiful and mobile-friendly website that draws visitors in, keeps them there, and compels them to take action.

Great graphic design is at the core of all that we create. We want you to be captivated with the things we design. We want you to touch them, pick them up, read them, be inspired by them, click on the buttons, and take action. Everything we do is created to entice you, the user, to do something.

If you thought of your brand as a person, who would it be? Having a clearly defined brand image has become essential to long-term brand success. JCA can work with you and your team to give your branding and marketing an identity people will want to connect with.

At JCA, we put the “social” part of social media front and center. Social media gives you the opportunity to build new relationships with people who want to know you, and you want to know. Utilizing social media is like handing out a digital business card, helping audiences, potential voters, volunteers, and donors learn about you. JCA LOVES to be social and we know how to use social media to get your business the attention you deserve.

Field Operations


The key is to identify voters through pinpoint targeting, contacting them with the candidates’ messages, and then shepherding them to vote on election day, during early voting periods, and by absentee ballot.

To get this done, we believe in Training, Training, & More Training. We take pride in making sure our field organizers are ready to hit the field- using state of the art tools, having productive conversations, and accurately evaluating and recording voter reactions.

Our services includes:

  • Targeting Voters
  • VAN/VOTEBUILDER Management & Training,
  • Traditional and Virtual Phone banking & Canvassing Management & Training,
  • GOTV & Early Voting and Election Day Operations.



We take the mystery out of fundraising and implement a simple system that includes:

  • Direct Mail
  • Small Donor Digital Campaigns
  • Small and High-Dollar Events
  • Candidate Call Time
  • Donor Tracking, and Follow- up
  • List Building (From a candidate’s network, & data gathered over time of donors and companies that support issues and policies that focus on underserved communities.)
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