Slide African-American Tourism We are the authority on African-American Tourism
in South Carolina. We’ve worked with the University of
South Carolina’s SmartState to complete...
Slide Environmental Justice Implementing cutting-edge equity review, community
development analysis, and stakeholder engagement
to ensure that underserved communities
benefit afrom environmental initiatives.
Slide Environmental Clearances We partner with the City of Spartanburg to complete
environmental assessments required for Housing and Urban
Development (HUD) projects...
Slide MBE Policy Development JC & Associates serves on a special
task force in the School District providing
recommendations to the Charleston County School
District’s MBE’S Construction and Procurement
Contracts Awards Policies and organization.
Slide Political Strategy JC & Associates offers organization
and management consulting, public speaking training, media
planning, grassroots lobbying, political education...
Slide Real Estate Development Development partner with Cardinal, a nationally
recognized developer that has acquired, developed and
rehabbed more than 9,500 units of multifamily housing with a
transaction value exceeding $500 million in assets.
Our Services

JC & Associates helps communities prepare for the future

JC & Associates is a firm committed to building communities that are vibrant, hopeful, and full of possibilities. This can only be accomplished if communities, through its economic, political, and social institutions, are sustainable.  JC & Associates specializes in providing Community Economic Development, Planning, and Political Services to community based organizations, small businesses, government agencies, and political campaigns serving rural and urban communities.
Economic Development

Real Estate Development, African- American Tourism, and MBE


Our firm also works with governmental agencies in preparing environmental clearances for HUD projects, affordable housing policy, and economic stimulus plans for underserved communities.

Political Organizing

We believe in the new and the old school. We can get savvy with social and earned media campaigns or we can go the streets implementing a door to door campaign that leaves no stone unturned!


Underserved communities in our state and nation has failed in this area and suffer the historic fate of all economically vulnerable communities. We are here to change this fate, and help communities fulfil their destinies- to manifest their renaissance.

Advancing Workplace Diversity

Underserved Communities lack the intelligentsia to adequately address economic, planning, and political development issues. Our firm fills this void.
CEO- Kwadjo Campbell

Diversity and Inclusion

Our Vision

The vision is self- sustainable, revitalized and empowered communities in rural and urban South Carolina.

JC & Associates Envisions A World Where Communities are Empowered to Sustain Themselves in the Areas of Housing, Economic Development, and Planning.

JC & Associates helps communities prepare for the future by developing and implementing effective strategies for sustainable development.

Mission Statement

The mission of our company is the economic growth and development of South Carolina’s most vulnerable communities.
Leading Differently

A New Kind of Company

Our award winning team is comprised of accomplished experts from their particular fields in economic development, planning, and political organizing.

Our business approach is deployed by using technology so that it externalizes and manages the thinking or decision-making capacity of an organization, empowers the business to use that technology as an extension of intellectual power.

Through our network of associates & partnerships we have developed bench strength to keep our team fresh and ready to take on the latest challenges, while keeping quality care in focus.

It is critical for professionals to use a data collection methodology so they develop a holistic understanding of our clients, enabling them to offer the best possible, customized solutions.

We build projects based on the client’s capacity and budget. In many cases, we assist with developing and implementing fundraising, and financing plans.

our process

Empowering Communities Through Sustainable Development

Community Assets

Identifying and mobilizing community assets enables community residents to gain control over their lives.

Issues Development

Constructing policy platforms based on the needs and desire of residents to focus communities on tangible solutions.

Leadership Development

Building the next generation of leaders, developers, and entrepreneurs allow communities to have healthy succession plans.

Capacity Building

Resource Development allows people to control the economic destinies of their communities.

African- American Tourism Development

African American Tourism By The Numbers

There is significant potential to grow this niche with the high interest from travelers of all races outside of the state wanting to explore our African-American cultural experiences. 


Just a 5% increase in visitation from African-Americans will result in an economic impact of $118.6 million in annual output, and an additional 1,315 jobs and $39.5 million in labor income for South Carolinians. But awareness is still low, with 55% of African-American visitors not familiar with African-American cultural attractions.


Similarly, the low interest in the Gullah culture and Gullah Geechee Corridor is probably due to a lack of awareness – those outside of South Carolina are just not familiar with the rich culture that the state has to offer.

$ 0 bil.
Dollar Impact
$ 0
Visitor's Spent
Per Day
$ 0 mil.
Economic Impact
5% increase
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